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Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:43:53 EST From: MindPieces Subject: Afflecktion Okay everyone, here it is! My first shot at an erotic celebrity story. To my great dismay, this is a work of complete fiction, but perhaps some of you can relate to it anyway. I'm open to anyone who wants to comment, ask questions, or just say hi, so feel free to e-mail me at MindPieces . Enjoy! Afflecktion by MindPiecesPart I I had been a movie fan since I first came into the world, growing up on everything from slasher movies to award winning dramas. So when I actually had a chance to head out to L.A., the center of the film universe, I knew it was something I couldn't pass up. My name is David Preston, I'm a nineteen year old college student living in the cultural wasteland known as Las Vegas. I'm about 6' 1", 175 pounds, with a swimmer's build and short, clean cut blond hair. I was invited to Los Angeles for a few weeks by two friends of mine that I had known since high school, and the glamour and fame of the city hit me almost immediately after I stepped off the plane. I hung at my friend's house for the first few days of my vacation, basically relaxing and enjoying the freedom to lounge around. These were the last three weeks of last time to party before I had to start back at school and go back to work in wonderful Las Vegas. It was early in the morning on day number four when my friend Jeff ran into the guest room, with a newspaper in his hand. "David, David!! Are you awake man? You have to see this." "What is it?" I asked as I pulled my exhausted head off the pillow. "There's this movie being shot downtown tonight. Something called 'Twisted Innuendo'...they're looking for about 150 extras, and whoever gets there first gets in the movie. It's your chance David!!" Once the news that Jeff was telling me actually hit my brain, I sat up in bed, my heart speeding with anticipation. I had never heard of the movie, didn't have a clue who was in it, but I knew that even the chance of ending up a speck in the background of a major motion Sexy Preteen Models picture was worth my time. This was chance to land on the big screen, to have a brush with fame. I had to take it. I arrived at the location at about 8:00 that evening, along with Jeff and my other friend Rick. Even the atmosphere of the place excited me...we were standing on a street that had been closed down for the production, with lights and camera equipment everywhere. The moon was bright and the air warm, with crew members running around, making sure everything was just right...I could feel that there was going to be some sort of A-list star in our presence very soon. We seemed to stand on the sidelines for ages waiting for something thrilling to happen, but just being there with Jeff and Rick was a lot of fun. I had met them my freshman year of high school, when we were all on the wrestling team together. They were both really hot guys, but they were straight and my friends, so I never tried anything with them. It was our sophomore year that I had come out and told them I was gay...I didn't know how they'd handle it, but it ended up not even being an issue. Just another fact of life. "So, any guesses on who we'll see tonight?" Rick asked as we stood there in the crowd. "Oh man I hope it's someone hot. Like Uma Thurman or something... I'd LOVE to see Uma," Jeff said before turning to me. "And we both know who David wants to see." "Oh you do huh?" I laughed, shrugging it off. "Who could that be Jeff?" Rick asked, playing dumb. "Does his name start with a B maybe?" "Okay shut up guys, the whole world doesn't need to know who I have the hots for," I said as I elbowed Rick playfully in the side. It was about ten minutes later that one of the crew members came out and started to explain what all of us would be doing. The plot of the movie was basically about two private investigators, one male and one female, trying to solve the murder of some famous, rich movie star. The job for the 150 of us, as a crowd, was to act as if we were having a huge block party spanning up and down the street. The suspect in the murder is running from the detectives, and once he runs into the crowd to blend in, the chase is on. The most important thing the crew member talked least I assumed it was the most important since he mentioned it about 4 times...was that NO ONE touch or get in the way of any of the stars. If anyone did that the scene would have to be reshot and we're out of there, easily replaced by someone on the sidelines. The rules were laid down, the scene was setup, and all we were waiting for was someone to yell action. "Do you see anyone famous yet?" Rick asked me as we stood in the midst of the crowd, our excitement building. "Not yet." "I must say I do like the outfit you picked man...I'm surprised the guys aren't falling all over you." I looked down at what I had on...a green polo type shirt tucked into a pair of dark blue jeans. Before I could even respond to Rick's comment I heard someone scream "ACTION!!!", and the party began. Music started blaring out of speakers, and the whole crowd started to dance and have a good time. I tried to keep my eyes wherever the camera pointed... knowing that it would eventually lead me to whatever hot star was going to appear. About one more minute passed, and then suddenly, darting out of an alleyway, I saw a new actor begin running through the crowd. He raced right past me, wearing beat up, scummy clothes. He wasn't anyone I recognized, so I figured he must be the suspect that was being chased through the scene. I kept both eyes on the alley, knowing that the real celebrities would be in close pursuit. The first person to run out was, much to Jeff's dismay, not Uma Thurman, but Gwyneth Paltrow. She ran past us as well, with a gun in her hand as the crowd went on with the party. We were supposed to act like we hardly noticed the commotion that was being started, which is exactly what I tried to do. And then it happened. I saw him run out of the alley and into the crowd, not far behind Gwyneth and the murder suspect. He was wearing tight black jeans and a long sleeve white shirt that clung to his chiseled chest as he ran. It was Ben Affleck, the man who had played a personal role in many of my late night fantasies. And to my Sexy Preteen Models shock, he was actually running toward me. Ben ran closer, dodging the crowd and yelling his lines over the pounding music. I didn't know what to do...this was the only chance I may ever have to meet *the* Ben Affleck, but getting him to notice me in a crowd of over a hundred people, while he's running, wasn't going to be easy. It was time for me to act on impulse, no matter what the consequences may be. I stepped out of my place in the crowd, exactly where I was not supposed to be. Ben kept running, not even noticing I was in his path until his body slammed right into mine. I went flying toward the pavement and landed right on my back, causing a group to gather around me almost immediately. I heard the director scream "CUT!!!" and all of a sudden everything stopped. "Jesus man, I didn't see you," Ben said as he came running over to me. "Are you okay?" I lifted my head up, looking into the pair of beautiful brown eyes as Ben hovered over me. He was actually talking to me!! I was amazed. "Yeah I'm okay, that was my fault." "No no, I should have been watching where I was going. You're sure you're not hurt?" "I'll be fine, thanks," I said as I tried my best to sit up. Suddenly I saw Ben reach out his hand to help me, and if my entire body wasn't aching I think that alone would have made me pass out. I put my hand in Ben's, and he pulled me to my feet. "Look at you, you're a mess," Ben said as he took his hands and dusted me off. I felt his warm palms quickly Sexy Preteen Models move over my back and my ass. I was in heaven. Before I knew it, the director had burst through the crowd, pushing me away from Ben. "Get this kid out of here and set up the scene again," he said as two men took me by the arms and started leading me away. I turned around, not wanting to go...not wanting to admit that the moment I had waited my life for was already ending. I saw Ben watching me as I got further and further away from him, and then the crowd swallowed him up. I was shuffled to the sidelines, left on the cutting room floor of the movie as they did the reshoot with another anxious teenager. I stood off the set and watched the crowd and crew finish doing the scene, happy that I was at least allowed to stay and watch the action. The director then announced that they were done for the day. The crowd began to leave, scattering in all different directions as the excitement died down. I made my way into the parade of people, trying to spot Jeff and Rick, who probably thought I was long gone and would surely have something to say about my ambush earlier. I kept my search up as more and more people left, but I didn't have any luck. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I spun around expecting it to be one of the two guys I was looking for. I fell into shock as my eyes gazed over Ben, standing right in front of me. "I don't believe we were formally introduced...I'm Ben Affleck," he said as he cracked a smile and held out his hand. "I'm David Preston." I took his hand, shaking it. Knowing I must look like a complete moron with the look of surprise I Sexy Preteen Models had molded on my face. "The director was an asshole to kick you out like that, especially since it was my fault to begin with. I really should have paid more attention...I don't know how I missed you." I smiled, feeling flattered that my well being really worried him so much. "Well you're forgiven, it really wasn't a big deal." "To me it was. At least let me take you out for a drink, it'll make my conscience clear. What do you say?" I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of that face, though I had seen it so many times before on the movie screen. Those innocent eyes, the rugged cheekbones and dark five o'clock shadow. If I wasn't Sexy Preteen Models careful I thought I might hyperventilate. "Okay, I'm up for it." Ben seemed surprised that I said yes, but happy at the same time. "That's great! limo is parked right on the opposite side of that building. I'm going to go get changed and I'll meet you there in about ten minutes. Does that sound good?" "That sounds...amazing. I'll be there." I made my way over to the limo, doing a last quick, unsuccessful search for Jeff and Rick. Not only did I need to tell them where I was headed, but I needed someone to calm me down. My imagination was running wild...thinking of Ben's face, his body, how close I would be to him. I stood outside of the limo, lost in my thoughts, when I finally saw Ben walking toward me. He had changed into a white tank top, a pair of blue jeans and some boots. I could see those muscular arms...still built up from the workout he did for Armageddon. As he got closer I could also glimpse some of those dark chest hairs sticking out from the collar of his shirt. "You ready?" He asked as he came up to me and opened the door to the limousine. He gestured for me to get in. We sat across from each other in the vehicle, closed the door, and the driver took off. I just sat there looking at him...looking into those eyes. He returned every look I gave, all while keeping a small little smile on his face. "So where are we headed?" I asked him, breaking the silence. "Well I wanted to go for a drink, but I've been around so many people already today that I didn't feel like a bar or anything. The driver is going to drop us off at the beach and we can have some beers there...if that's okay with you." "Sounds great, I had a pretty hectic day myself. I could use some relaxation." "Then consider this relaxation time," Ben said. He shifted in his seat, sticking out his knees a little bit more so they lightly brushed against mine. I felt a stirring inside my jeans just from his small touch. We rode the rest of the way making getting to know you conversation. I told Ben a quick version of my life story...explaining how I was from Vegas, went to college and also worked full time at the front desk of the Hard Rock Hotel. I also let him know what a big fan I I had watched him in every movie he had ever done, from School Ties and Mallrats to Armageddon. Before I knew it, the limo came to a stop. "Here we are," Ben said as he opened the door and hopped out. I was right behind him. After I was out, he reached back in and grabbed a twelve pack of beer and a couple beach towels that he had stashed somewhere. I couldn't help but stare at that tight, firm ass as he bent to pick everything up. I could only imagine what he Sexy Preteen Models would look like outside of those pants. After everything was Sexy Preteen Models gathered up, Ben closed the door and the driver was on his way, disappearing into the night. We walked closer to the crashing ocean, until Ben stopped and set down the beers and the towels. I looked up at the sky...the stars were out, the air was just right, the sounds of the ocean were in my ear, and I had the hottest man alive at my side. It couldn't get any better. "You want one? I promise I won't tell that you're underage," Ben said with a smile as he handed me a beer and sat down in the sand. I sat down next to him, kicking off my shoes and running my bare toes through the warm sand. "It's a nice night," I said as I opened my beer and took a few drinks. "Yeah it is. I love the stars. They've always kind Sexy Preteen Models of fascinated me." I watched as Ben took his boots off and laid back in the sand, putting his arms above his head and gazing at the night sky. I loved the sight of the hair under his arms and the starlight shining off of his body. "What fascinates you about them?" I asked as I laid down next to him in the same position. "Just the mystery I guess. There's billions of them up there, spread out across so much space...and all we can do is wonder what it must be like to see them up close. That's one reason I did Armageddon actually. It was the closest I'd ever get to being that space cowboy type." "Yeah, I love the stars too...but mainly because they're a great aphrodisiac," I said with a laugh. "Oh yeah, there's that too," Ben said jokingly. "I have a question for you." "Shoot." "Have you ever made love outside, under the stars?" He turned his head, looking at me and awaiting my reply. "No, can't say I have," I said with a small smile. "That's too bad David, it's a great feeling." I could feel my cock growing inside my jeans, just from hearing Ben talk vaguely about his sexual experiences. It took my mind to all sorts of fascinating places. "Hey I have an idea," Ben said, sitting up next to me and swigging his beer. "What is it?" "Well the air is great, the stars are out, and no one is around... how about a swim?" "Sounds great," I said with a laugh. "Now if only I had remembered to pack my bathing suit..." "Oh that's the best part! No one's around man, we don't need the suits. Just me and you and the water." I sat up next to Ben, running his idea over and over again through my mind. He wanted to get naked with me. This was a cause for celebration. "Okay Ben, me and you and the water it is," I stated as I hopped to my feet. "Last one in is a rotten egg!" Ben got to his feet and before I knew it he had ripped his tank top off over his head. I almost fell down at the sight of that muscular chest...the dark hairs covering his pecs and nipples, making a trail down to his belly button, and then down even lower. I stripped off my polo shirt, following Ben's lead. I started to unbutton my pants while Ben did the same...this was one race I would be glad to lose. I watched Ben kick his jeans off in the sand just a few seconds before mine were stripped off. All he had left on his hot, beautiful body was a pair of black silk boxers. I had on my white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Ben placed his hands in the waistband of his boxers, and pushed them down to the ground. His limp cock must have been at least six inches...nestled in a bush of dark brown pubic hair that covered his low hanging balls at the same time. He looked better than he had in any of my dreams. I watched as he started running toward the ocean, staring at his bare, muscular ass as I ripped off my own underwear and followed him. Ben made it to the water first. I was right behind him, jumping in and allowing the semi warm water to cover my body. We both dunked ourselves under, enjoying the feeling of the water running over our naked selves. "I guess you're the rotten egg," Ben said as he came up with a big smile on his face. "Yeah I guess so. I should have tripped you or something and took the lead." Ben laughed. "No no, that would have been cheating. And you know what happens to cheaters." "What?" "They get dunked!" Ben lunged on me in a flash, putting his hands on my shoulders and pushing me under the water. I popped back up a moment later. "Ohhh I see how it is, you want to play dirty!" I jumped on Ben, wrapping my arms around his shoulders as we both started laughing. I forced him under the water as he placed his hands on my chest, trying to push me away. "That was a surprise attack, no fair" Ben said as he came back up, running his fingers through his hair. "You're just jealous that you didn't think of it first," I said laughing. "I've got a few surprises of my own." Ben swam close to me, and the next thing that happened not only surprised me, but amazed me as well. He was right in front of me in the water, and without warning I suddenly felt his hand wrap around my already hard, 7.5" cut cock. He held it tight under the water...I could feel the electricity run through my body the instant he touched me. "Just try to get away now," Ben said as he leaned his face closer to mine. His hand started moving up and down on my dick...stroking me, making me harder. Sexy Preteen Models I reached out my hand and placed it on Ben's chest, finding those two hot nipples of his. I started playing with them...pinching and squeezing them as my fingers brushed the hair on his chest. "I don't think I want to get away now," I said as I leaned my face toward Ben's, our lips pressing together. We started kissing passionately...the wetness from our mouths meeting each other. I opened my mouth slightly and felt Ben's tongue go inside me...our tongues touched as he started stroking me harder. After I had his nipples nice and hard from my fingers, I ran my hands under the water, through Ben's bush of pubic hair. I grabbed his cock with my hand, loving the feel of his hardness. He must have been at least eight inches by now, and thicker than I dreamed. I started stroking him as we broke our kiss. "Ohhh David I love that. What do you say we head back to shore?" I didn't even give Ben an answer, I just started swimming next to him until we reached the sand. We both climbed out of the water and ran to the towels, which were spread out on the ground where we left them. I laid down on my back and Ben was on top of me in an instant, pressing his lips against mine and his tongue in my mouth. I could feel our hard bodies rubbing against each other...Ben's pecs rubbing against mine, our hard cocks grinding into each other. I ran my hands all along his back...going lower until I reached his ass. I squeezed his cheeks in ecstasy, feeling the warmth of him on top of me. Ben started kissing my neck, then making his way lower to my chest. His lips wrapped around one of my nipples and he started to fondle it with his tongue...I ran my fingers through his beautiful brown hair. "Oh God Ben, that feels good." I watched as his lips moved lower...from my nipples, down to my abs. His tongue was tracing every inch of my torso. I felt it enter my belly button, probing around and getting me Sexy Preteen Models wet in there. Then he went down to my crotch..... My balls surged the instant I felt Ben's warm lips wrap around my cock. He swallowed every inch of me into his mouth, and then started moving his lips up and down like an expert. My back arched into the air as he sucked moans were getting louder and louder. I was bucking my hips...fucking his face, my rhythm getting faster and faster. I had my hands all over his back and in his hair...I couldn't take much more. "Ohhhhh Ben....I'm going to explode, I feel it." This just made him work harder. He started concentrating on the head of my hard penis...swirling his tongue all around it, drinking in my precum. I let out one last moan and pushed his head all the way down on my shaft. My eyes closed as I felt shot after shot of my hot cum emptying out of my body and into Ben's waiting mouth. He took all of it in, swallowing it until the last drop. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to taste him. I had Ben lay on his back for me, and then I laid on top of him. I kissed him all over...his neck, his armpits, nipples, belly button... getting him wet everywhere with my tongue. I finally made my way down to that beautiful eight inches between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and ran my tongue all along it, getting it wet and ready for my mouth. "Yessss David...suck me....please suck me," Ben moaned. I opened my mouth wide and took him inside, doing my best to get him all the way in. It wasn't easy considering how big he was, but I somehow managed to get my nose buried in his pubes with his big balls pressed against my chin. I started going up and down on his shaft...up and tongue tasting every inch. My hands reached around Ben's body and grabbed his hot ass, spreading his cheeks apart. I let my fingers play in his crack, running along the little hairs as I sucked him faster and harder. Without warning him I suddenly pressed my index finger in his tight asshole, going deep inside him. "Ohhhh Jesus David!! How do you know what I love?" I moved my finger in and out...fucking him with it as my mouth took care of his cock. I felt Ben's body begin to spasm and I took his eight inches deep inside me. I could feel the explosion of warm jism coating the inside of my mouth, running down my throat. There was so much that I couldn't swallow it all, and some of it ran out of the corners of my mouth. After Ben finished exploding inside of me, I took my finger out of him and crawled up next to him, pressing my lips against his, letting him taste his own juices. We kissed like that for what seemed like an eternity, and when we finally stopped we just laid there, exhausted and with our arms wrapped around each other. I started to drift off...falling asleep in Ben's arms under the nighttime sky. "Goodnight Ben." "Goodnight David." I'd like to thank everyone for the positive responses I got from part one of my story. I hope to hear back with thoughts and suggestions on this part as well, so feel free to e-mail me at Remember, this is a work of complete fiction...Afflecktion Part II I woke up the next morning feeling as if I had just had the most amazing wet dream of my nineteen years. I had been on a beach, with Ben Affleck of all people, and the things we were doing to each other had been unbelievable. Sucking...licking...tasting...I almost didn't want to open my eyes. The first thing I saw when I finally pulled my eyelids apart was the warm sand beneath my body, with the sun glinting off of each speck. I had a towel covering me but I was naked underneath it...and all I could think was that maybe this wasn't just a teenage fantasy after all. I rolled over...praying I wouldn't be laying out there by myself...and to my relief and slight amazement, there was Ben, curled up in a ball, covered with a towel and staring at me...a big smile on his face. "Good morning sleepyhead," he said to me. "Welcome to the world." "Oh wow, this wasn't just a dream then," I said as I stretched out my arms and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. "That was the first thing I thought when I woke up too. Until I turned over and saw your beautiful self lying right next to me. How'd you sleep?" "Better than I have in a long time." "Me too." Without any warning, Ben suddenly moved over to me and pressed his lips against mine. I kissed him back passionately, taking my hand and placing it on his face, feeling his stubble. "What was that for?" I asked after our lips broke apart. "For a wonderful evening of course. But I think we better get our clothes on and get going." "Where are we going to go? The limo driver is long gone by now." "Oh I have a house just about a mile up the beach, it'll be a nice walk. We can shower and maybe catch some breakfast...does that sound good?" "Sounds great." Ben and I quickly threw on our rumpled clothes, folded up the towels, grabbed the remaining beer and headed on our way. I really felt great about the night before, but there was one thing on my mind that I just couldn't seem to shake. I didn't know what last night meant to Ben...was it just some one night stand? A good romp on the beach with a fan? Or was this something else to him? Maybe something special. Sexy Preteen Models It was so like me to start getting paranoid about this stuff, even with the man of my dreams by my side. "Is something wrong?" Ben asked as he took my hand in his and shook me out of my stupor. "With me? No...why do you ask?" "You just look like you have something on your mind. Anything you want to talk about?" "I'm that your place over there?" I asked, pointing to a large house up in the distance. "That's it," Ben said with a smile. "Casa de Affleck, here we come." We walked for about another ten minutes, Ben's hand wrapped around mine with the sun shining down upon us. As we got closer I could see how nice the house was...just the kind of place for someone who wanted to escape from the maddening spotlight of the city. Ben took a key out of his pocket as we reached the front door, and we both stepped inside. "Here it is! What do you think?" "Oh man, this is beautiful. Even pretty clean too, do you live by yourself?" "No I have a couple roomies, but they're at work right about now. And trust me, this clean thing is just an illusion. Wait til they get home and it'll turn into your typical bachelor pad." "Oh, so the food will disappear out of the fridge and there will be underwear scattered around the room?" I laughed. "Well there might be underwear scattered around here before they get home," Ben said with a devilish smile. I gave him a little smack on the arm. "So do I get the guided tour or what?" "Of course dear sir. If you look to your right you will see the kitchen, where the citizens of this house rarely venture, unless alcohol is needed. On your left hand side you'll find the living room, complete with a couch, chairs, and big screen TV. And if you go forward..." Ben grabbed my hand, pulling me with him and continuing his goofy tour guide imitation. "You'll come to the hallway. Here is roomie number one's room, roomie number two's is there, and my bedroom is at the end of the hall. To your left you'll find the bathroom, which I believe is where we need to head." "And exactly what do we need to go in there for?" I asked just as Ben dragged me in behind him. "You didn't think I was joking about that shower idea did you?" He turned around, wrapping his arms around my back and pulling me close to him. I could feel his warmth and smell his smell...I was getting turned on already. I lifted my head up, bringing my lips to Ben's and kissing him deeply, allowing my tongue to explore his mouth. "You know if this is your tour guide imitation," I said as we broke apart. "I wouldn't quit your day job." "Yeah, but this is going to end better than any tour you've ever had. Besides...if you think I'm bad at that, you should hear my singing," Ben said with a laugh. "Actually I have...that was my favorite part of Armageddon you know." "My singing?" "Yeah...right before you got on the shuttle you sang 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' to your that's romantic." "How's this for romantic?" Ben took his hands and lifted up my shirt, pulling it off over my head and throwing it on the floor. I did the same to him, stripping him of his tank top and wrapping my arms around him. Our hard, naked chests pressed together tightly...the dark hair that covered his torso felt good against my body, especially since I only had a little bit of hair in that area. Our lips found each other again just as Ben started to undo my jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped, pushing them to the floor along with my underwear. I was naked and my cock was already standing out Sexy Preteen Models at it's full 7.5 inches. Ben's hands reached around my backside...grabbing and squeezing my ass as I started undoing his pants. I had him naked and hard in front of me in a flash. Ben reached over, turning the water for the shower on. I reached down and grabbed his tight ass, pulling his body to mine. Our rock hard cocks pressed together...our nipples and our lips meeting. Ben broke away, taking my hand and stepping in the shower. I watched the water cascade over him, wetting him down as I stepped in beside him and closed the shower curtain behind me. We started to kiss as the water streamed down upon us. It was nice and warm, running between our naked bodies...over our backs and down through our ass cracks. I bent my head down and started licking Ben's chest with my tongue, just as my hands reached around and spread the cheeks of his ass. I found that tight hole and allowed my finger to slip deep inside, causing Ben to let out a huge moan that seemed to echo through the bathroom. "Oh God David...ohhhh yessss." Just as my mouth found his hard nipples and started to suck them, Ben reached around and pressed his own finger inside of me. It was an amazing sensation....I could feel a burst of warmth in my ass as he probed deeper and deeper. My knees got weak almost immediately, my back falling against the shower wall as Ben started finger fucking me. Just the sensation from what he was doing made me push my finger in him harder and harder, causing him to lean against me in ecstasy. Our lips met and we kissed passionately...both of us on a plane of pleasure that we had never known. "David?" Ben whispered in my ear after our lips broke apart. "Yes Ben?" "I want to be inside you." " what?" "I want to fuck you. I want...I want to be one with you." The comment seemed to hit me like a train, leaving me completely speechless. I didn't know what to say...there was so much I wanted to tell him, but this just wasn't the time or the place. Before I could even reply, I heard a noise right outside the bathroom door. "What was that?" I asked. "Shit, I don't know." Suddenly I heard someone walk into the bathroom, which reminded me that we had forgot to shut the door. I heard water from the sink turn on and I froze...someone else was actually in the bathroom!! "So you finally got home huh?" the mystery voice asked. It was a male voice and it sounded strangely familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. "Where were you all night?" Ben hesitated, not knowing what to say. I motioned to him to come up with something...*anything*. "I had to work late on the movie, then me and the cast went out for some drinks," he replied over the running water. I was thankful at that moment that the shower curtain wasn't see through. I pulled my finger out of Ben's ass while his remained inside me...we were both standing perfectly still, not wanting to make a sound. "Sounds like fun. I just have to shave really quick...hope you don't mind." "No Matt, feel free," Ben replied. Matt?? I mouthed the name, looking straight into Ben's eyes. He nodded and smiled, most likely amused by the look of complete surprise on my face. I was in the shower...naked with Ben Affleck's finger up my ass...and Matt Damon was right out there shaving!! If he caught us I had no idea what I would do, except be embarrassed out of my mind. "Ben...take out your finger," I whispered, leaning as close to his ear as I could. To my shock he shook his head no, then flashed that same devilish grin that I had seen earlier. Suddenly he started moving his finger in and out, just like we had never been interrupted. I couldn't believe what he was was such a hot feeling, but trying to keep my moans of pleasure inside was nearly impossible. "Ohhh Bennnn..." I didn't mean for it to, but it escaped my lungs anyway, coming out a little louder than it should have. Ben brought his other hand to my face, cupping it over my mouth to silence me. He started thrusting his finger in deeper and harder...all I could do was lean against the wall, moaning into his hand as the sensations ran through every inch of my body. "So's Gwyneth doing man?" Matt asked from outside the shower. "Oh she's great. I think she's really going to bring something to the movie," Ben said as he pulled his finger from my ass. I thought he had finally wisened up and decided to stop, but instead he took his hand and wrapped it around my precum dripping cock. He started stroking me...slowly at first, then faster and faster...his hand still over my mouth. "That's good to hear. You know, me and Casey were going to go out clubbing tonight. You want to come?" "Yeah I want to come..." Ben said, smiling at me. "But I have to work." "Oh that sucks. Maybe tomorrow night then?" I could feel the pressure in my balls building as Ben kept on stroking me. He was being completely unrelentless...not letting up for a second on my cock. I knew he loved the thrill of getting caught by his best friend, and I loved it too. Finally I couldn't hold back body began to spasm against the wall of the shower and my white hot cum erupted. I shot load after load....some of it on Ben's hand and the rest falling to the wet shower floor. I let out a huge shout, most of which got stifled...but I knew all of it didn't. "Yeah," Ben finally replied. "Maybe tomorrow night." "Cool, talk to you later then." I heard Matt put away his shaving supplies and leave the bathroom...finally we were safe again. "You are absolutely CRAZY," I said, making sure not to raise my voice too much. "Yeah but you loved it," he replied, flashing me that irresistible movie star smile. I moved over to him and kissed him, eventually regaining some of the strength in my knees. Just as I wrapped my hand around Ben's thick, rock hard eight inches, we heard someone else walk into the bathroom. "So where were you last night man? Out for drinks my ass," the new mystery voice stated. "Yeah Casey, you always think I'm out having some sort of wild orgy or something," Ben laughed. I figured that it must be Ben's younger brother Casey...but I didn't understand this rule they had about using the bathroom *any* time they wanted. "Two can play at this game babe," I whispered to Ben as I pressed him up against the wall. I sank to my knees in front of him as I heard Casey start pissing outside the shower. I took Ben's cock in my hand, and without warning took his eight inches in my mouth, deep throating him. "So how's Gwyneth doing?" Casey asked. "Ohhhh....ohhh man sh
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